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At Lehner Shope Wealth Group we specialize in custom portfolio management and unparalleled service. We are driven by our passion to be the best wealth management firm with the clients at the epicenter of everything we do. Managing partners, Brian M. Lehner CFP ® and Amy Less Shope built this firm using their combined 50 plus years of experience managing wealth and building client relationships. The team at Lehner Shope would love to meet you!

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Customized Financial Planning & Investing

Lehner Shope Wealth Group specializes in assisting individuals and families with the financial challenges and issues faced with retirement planning, and investment portfolio management. We realize every client’s situation is unique; that’s why Lehner Shope Wealth Group offers a wide array of financial programs tailored to each client’s specific financial plans and needs. Learn more

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Financial Planning

Working together, we build a trusted, long-term relationship that hinges on providing you with objective, strategic advice, as well as operational support to help address business challenges. Our team has the knowledge and experience necessary to support you through the different stages of growth and to assist in responding to new trends and developments.


Create a Diverse Portfolio

We help you cut through the complexity of your financial situation to create, implement and manage an all-encompassing plan designed to pursue your goals – personally and professionally. Our strategies capitalize on our deep resources and insightful analysis and are customized to your needs. The result is a balanced plan interwoven with the details of how you picture your life.


Personal Wealth Management

Our team provides a thoughtful approach to this transition, along with experience, deep resources and long-term planning tools. As you go about creating a life you have envisioned, we can help you reflect on the possibilities for your future. We then craft strategies that are designed to go far beyond the basics to help make your vision a reality.

One Size Fits One 

Create a Strategy That Works For YOU

Our combined years in the financial services industry provide you with a seasoned team and a level of knowledge necessary to help you pursue your financial goals and objectives.

How We Work. Our Mission & Values

Lehner Shope Wealth Group provides a wide array of investment styles and specializes in endowment style investing. We firmly believe that every situation is unique and no single investment company or financial account is right for everyone. As a boutique firm we have access to a vast network of financial providers to choose from.

Financial Services

Whether you are an individual with personal and family goals or the person charged with the financial goals of your organization, we are here to provide you with an array of financial and investment planning services essential to your success.

We will work hand-in-hand with you – and, if need be, your other professional advisors – to select the service that best suits your needs, then apply our investment insight and expertise to tailor the required service to your unique situation and with your specific goals in mind.

Retirement Plans

We understand that there should be no compromise when it comes to your financial future. That’s why we work diligently to serve as the ultimate steward for your wealth, simplifying life’s complexities with a full spectrum of strategies for a tailored plan that we believe is the only one you’ll ever need.

Estate Planning

One of life’s greatest rewards is sharing your wealth with others. Managing assets to take care of one’s own needs and wants is one thing, but it takes additional planning and knowledgeable guidance to help ensure your financial legacy makes an enduring difference in the lives of loved ones or a favorite charity.

Risk Management

One of the most important functions we serve is helping to protect all you have worked to build. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to help. It takes the right approach, as well as steadfast discipline and diligence, to assess the risks that could derail your life goals and build a contingency plan to help limit the effects. As your experienced guide, we assess where your risk lies and determine your level of comfort with it, exploring what actions and plans to put in place to provide the level of protection you need and deserve.

Portfolio Management

As your trusted partner, we help you pursue your goals by constructing, managing and reviewing a broadly diversified portfolio that is fully customized to suit your needs. Through clear communication, we help you understand what you own and why, placing your best interests above all else.

Let Us Help You Take Your Money To New Heights

You are intimately familiar with your personal or organization’s financial objectives. We are steadfastly dedicated to helping you design strategies to help you reach those objectives and more. Together, we are robustly capable of meeting the challenges you face and making progress toward your end goals. As your partner, we offer customized solutions and objective advice well-suited to your needs. Our consultative approach is personal and distinctive to your mission and objectives. In short, our focus is – and always will be – on you.


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