Niki Koch

Client Relations Specialist

Niki became a valuable member of Lehner Shope Wealth Group in October 2023 as a Client Relations Specialist, bringing with her over two decades of experience in the banking industry. In her previous role, she served as Branch Manager at a local bank in the area, showcasing her deep understanding of financial services. A lifelong resident of the Mahoning Valley, Niki is deeply rooted in the community.

Throughout her banking career, Niki earned numerous Customer Service awards, a testament to her commitment to providing exceptional service to her clients. Her dedication to delivering outstanding experiences sets her apart in the industry.

Beyond her professional achievements, Niki is a proud mother of three wonderful grown children – Damon, Hailey, and Alaina. Her love for spending quality time with her family is evident, and she cherishes moments with her kids above all else. An enthusiast of Taylor Swift concerts, Niki often enjoys these experiences with her daughters. In her leisure time, she finds joy in reading and staying active through regular workouts.

Recently, Niki took on a new role as an assistant to Amy and her husband Kevin at Dylan’s House. She resonates with the mission of Dylan’s House and is excited about contributing to the growth of this Non-Profit organization. Niki’s diverse experiences and genuine passion make her a valuable asset to the team.